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“Quarantine can be hard for those of us who are extroverts, but according to Moyer, the introverts are thriving. Check out her hilarious parody below and see what we mean” -Julia Marshall, TMJ4 Milwaukee

Recent Reviews (selected)

Diary of Anne Frank

“Director Gary Wayne Barker’s casting choices bring together some of St. Louis’ best and a fine new face. That’s Samantha Moyer, who plays Anne, taking her from age 13 to nearly 16, formative years in a young woman…Moyer’s wide-eyed enthusiasm morphs into adolecent sulks and passions with great accuracy.” – Joe and Anne Pollack, St. Louis Eats and Drinks

“Moyer, in the role of Anne, was phenomenal. Her spirit was undeniable, her delivery was captivating, and her energy was infectious. This talented actress commanded my attention in every scene and that is saying something with this talented cast…The real charm of the show is the relationship Anne has with the other characters. Her moments with Otto are tender, with her mother they are tense, and with Peter they are precious and real.” – Jim Ryan, BOOM

“Portraying such an inspiring young woman is no small task, and the New Jewish Theater struck gold with its casting of Samantha Moyer in the leading role. Effussive and filled with youthful energy, Moyer commands the stage with ease and the poise of a much older actor. Whether she’s being petulant and bossy or clinging to her father with fear, Moyer fully inhabits the essence of Anne Frank.” – Tina Farmer, KDHX

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

“As the Proteans, Kelly Barabasz, Samantha Moyer and Ryan A. Lawson-Maiske are everywhere, all at once. They move together in quick, coordinated steps, whether they’re changing sets, wrangling cast members, or setting up the next comic bit. The three provide delightful little moments that enhance, rather than steal from, the action on stage.” – Tina Farmer, KDHX

Almost, Maine

“I was particularily impressed by the tiny, spunky miss Sam Moyer. And her casting against the towering Paul Lewellyn was gorgeous. At the end of their dispute over the exchange of concrete love, it seemed almost impossible for him to reach all the way down to place that resolving kiss on her lips.” – Steve Callahan, KDHX


“As things settled-in, the stand-out performers really shone in what is a reasonably large cast. One of the most unique stand-outs here is Samantha Moyer in the role of high school rocker Grace Lamb, whose stage presence here feels extremely polished. The woman has had a remarkable amount of stage experience for a young actress. She’s already appeared in productions with The Rep and First Stage. It’s interesting to compare her with others in the scenes that feature bigger crowds.” – Russ Bickerstaff, Express Milwaukee