Samantha Moyer

"Whiskey in a Teacup"

What's Happening in My World?

Filming another new episode of Are You Afraid to Adult this week! This time, we’ll be venturing into the terrifying depths of IKEA. Stay tuned!

I just cut off a significant chunk of my hair, which means new headshots! Super excited to work with the delightful Emily Lambert again! 

I’ve finished classes with both Ted Sluberski and Bob Krakower. Loved having the chance to learn from such amazing teachers!

I Made A Thing!

About Me

I’m best described as whiskey in a teacup: sweet and dainty on the outside, fire and strength on the inside. A comedian at heart, I’m passionate about spreading my particular brand of sarcasm  and humor through comedic musical parodies and sketches.  Born and raised in Milwaukee, I now live in Manhattan, determined to leave my mark.

New York, LA, Chicago, and Las Vegas local hire.